I created this blog to share my knowledge and experiences with you , around challenges that I have could encounter about computer science. In addition of writting articles, I developed this blog as a open source project , you can either re-use it as a template for your blog or contribute to it.

Gilles Legoux
Software Engineer

Briefly I am a software engineer. I love coding, the algorithms and the applied mathematics. I worked as web full stack developer and software reliability engineer . I have had several professional experiences by working successively in a start-up and in a multinational organization. I am very excited by the start-up company world and the process of creation. I am passionate about the computer science and the data science , and more generally about the informatics and the mathematics. One of my preferred formulae is the Euler's identity: $ e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0 $ . My favorite programming languages are Java and Python . I am a Linux user , I use Ubuntu .

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