The standard in force is mainly Afnor Standard Z 44-005, December 1987 (ISO 690). Here is a link of the website of the Ministry of Culture and Communication which presents in a synthetic way the standards in force for the writing of bibliographical references:

To write a blog article resources are used and must be specified in a bibliography and / or a sitemap. These groups respectively the paper resources or online like books, articles, videos, research papers, interviews …

In general, these rules are to be respected with a certain freedom, but all known information must be mentioned. Some information is mandatory or conditionally mandatory (ISBN, ISSN for example).

You can find out what an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is:

Likewise for what is an ISBN (International Standard Book Number):

Two sites are also interesting:

  • The website of AFNIL (French Agency for International Numbering of Books):

  • The site of the BnF (Libraries National of France):

With these resources:

Get informed and get an ISSN
Get information and get an ISBN

Your references must be in alphabetical order at the end of your article respecting these conventions.

  • Book

NAME OF THE AUTHOR, First name of the author. Title of the book. Name of publisher, year of publication. Number of pages. Notes. ISBN.

Periodical article

NAME OF THE AUTHOR, First name of the author. Title of the article. Title of the periodical. year of publication. not. paging. ISSN.

  • Internet resource

This convention is personal. For this blog by default the links given are consulted the day of the creation of the article.

NAME OF THE AUTHOR, First name of the author. Title [online]. Editor’s name. [date of publication or update date of consultation]. Availability and access. (or just a link)


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