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I created this blog to share my knowledge and experiences with you smiley, around challenges that I have could encounter about computer science and applied mathematics. In addition to writing articles, I developed this blog as an open source project open source project, you can either re-use it as a template for your blog or contribute to it. The external resources of the published articles are available here. Also, I write blog posts on Medium https://medium.com/@glegoux.


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The logo of this blog is composed of a buffer logic gate and uppercase sigma to represent respectively the relation between computer science and applied mathematics. They are 2 basic components each one in its respective domain, the buffer to regenerate an input to increase the propagation delay of an unchanged signal and the sigma to sum the inputs. This relation symbolizes the will to increase, clarify and summarize the knowledge about these two topics by taking into account their interactions from one to another and reciprocally.

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This blog is a web application responsive. You can access that from any device computer, tablet or mobile. As you can add this website in your favorites of your web browser, you can add a link in the desktop of your computer or add an icon in the home screen of your tablet/mobile like your other applications.

About me

Gilles Legoux
Senior Software Engineer
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Currently, I work as data data engineer with artificial-intelligence artificial intelligence at high-scale high scale for research-development research and development in eiffel-tower Paris , before I worked as software reliability engineer and web full stack developer. So, I explored all the different tech aspects from hardware to software through ecosystems in startup start-up and multinational-company multinational organization for 10+ years. I am very excited by the start-up company world from the process of creation to the evolution of a large company. After advanced studies in engineering and research and these accumulated professional experiences, I acquired soft and hard skills in computer-science computer science, data-science data science, and applied-mathematics applied mathematics with a specialization in information systems, machine learning, and big data.

Here my stack technical stack, that is to say, some technologies that I have already used. It is non-exhaustive, new technologies occur and disappear over time, and the list continues to increase, and I use only some of them in the function of the project on which I work:

I love coding algorithms or/and doing applied mathematics. I am passionate about computer science and data science, and more generally about informatics and mathematics. My favorite programming languages, among those I use, are:

Java java | Scala scala | Python python | Bash bash under linux Linux and ubuntu Ubuntu for the development.

One of my preferred formulae is the Euler's identity:

$ e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0 $ .

Else, I like :rugby_football: rugby, :soccer: soccer, mtga magic the gathering arena, and the juggling, especially the diabolo “diabolo”.